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ACCUGENCE ® PRO Multi-Monitoring System (PM 950)

ACCUGENCE ® PRO Multi-Monitoring System ( Model No. PM 950) is available to test Glucose (GOD), Glucose (GDH-FAD), Uric Acid and Blood ketone by using the same strips exclusively produced by e-LinkCare Meditech co.,LTD. The systems give immediate results with laboratory accuracy. With these systems at hand, you have a complete point-of-care  testing portfolio which can manage screening, diagnosing and monitoring multiple parameters in a professional user scenario.

ACCUGENCE ® PRO Multi-Monitoring System ( Model No. PM 950) brings extensive hospital diagnostics experience, connectivity solutions and comprehensive resources together to help the professional the best service possible.

User friendly
4 in 1Multi-Function
New enzyme chemistry
Auto Strip Recognition after one calibration
Wide operating temperature
Strip ejection
Wide HCT range
Small blood sample volume
Reliable result
Integral barcode scanner
Touch screen Allows for easy entry of information
Flexible connectivity (WiFi and HL7)

Product Specification

Product name ACCUGENCE®️ PRO Multi-Monitoring System
Model No. PM 950
Parameter Blood Glucose (GOD & GDH), β-Ketone (KET), and Uric Acid (UA)
Measuring Range GLU: 0.6 ~ 33.3 mmol/L (10 ~ 600mg/dl)KET: 0.0 ~ 8.0 mmol/LUA: 3.0 ~ 20.0 mg/dL (179 ~ 1190 μmol/L)
Hematocrit Range GLU and KET:10% ~ 70 %UA: 25% ~ 60%
Result Calibration Plasma-equivalent
Sample GDH, KET and UA: fresh capillary whole blood and venous BloodGOD: fresh capillary whole blood only
Memory 20,000 test results5,000 operation ID5,000 patient ID100 test strips lot 30 QC lots
Meter Size 158 * 73 * 26mm
Display Size 87*52 mm (4-inch colorful touchscreen)
System Android system
User interface Touchscreen and barcode scanner
Input voltage +5V DC
Power Source 3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Storage temperature -20 – 50 ºC (-4 ~ 122ºF)
Operating Temperature GLU & KET: 5 – 45 ºC (41 – 113ºF)Uric Acid: 10 - 40 ºC (50 – 104ºF)
Operating Humidity 10 – 90% (non-condensing)
Connectivity WiFi and HL7

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