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UBREATH ® Multi-Function Spirometer System (PF810)

Sprimeters are used for a variety of lung and respiratory function tests. The product measures the amount of air a subject can breathe in and out of their lungs, and how hard and fast they can breathe out. In summary it measure and test overall lung function or lung capacity.

In addition of UBREATH Spirometer System PF680 and PF280, UBREATH Multi-Function Spirometer System (PF810) is not just a ordinary spirometer , it is a portable and precision differential pressure transducer, which is used together with a pneumotach flow head to provide total solution to users by featuring spirometry tests such as FVC, VC, MVV, but also other important parameters in spirometry lab such as BDT, BPT, Respiratory Muscle Testing, assessment of dosing strategy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation etc in order to provide a total solution for lung health management.


Spirometry - VC VC, VT, IRV, ERV, IC
Spirometry - MVV MVV, VT, RR
Respiratory Muscle Testing The maximum inspiratory pressure &  maximum expiratory pressure
Strategies for assessment of doses  
Pulmonary Rehabilitation l Initial assessment of rehabilitationl Muscle training, l Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP)l Rehabilitation stage evaluation and review
Additional references for diagnosis Customized questionnaires, COPD Assessment Test (CAT),  Asthma Control Questionnaire - myCME etc...